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Modern Software
ProMAX 2D processing systems (R5000), IHS Kingdom

Modern software

delivering high resolution engineering surveys.

  • Landmark ProMAX & IHS Kingdom
  • Up to date software
  • Platforms running dual software
  • Modern server for reliable data storage
  • FTP servers for globaldata access
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On and Offshore Systems
Cutting Edge Systems


are robust, portable and ready to go.

  • Apple Mac high performance computing
  • 100% redundancy
  • Robust transit cases
  • Rapid mobilisation and interfacing
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Integration, Interpretation, & Geohazard Assessment

Integration, interpretation, and geohazard assessment

  • Trouble shooting and resolving data integration or quality issues
  • Full workstation processing and interpretation of all geophysical datasets including:
    • Navigation
    • Multibeam bathymetry
    • Sidescan sonar
    • Magnetometer and Gradiometer data (incl Oasis Montaj)
    • Sub-bottom profiler
    • 2D and 3D UHRS and HRS reflection and refraction data
  • Geohazard Risk Assessment
  • Detailed, velocity based geotechnical and geophysical data integration
  • Ground Model development

Peak Processing is a seismic data processing house – and more…

Situated in East Anglia, UK we provide a full QC, processing, interpretation and integration solution for all offshore survey datasets. We are specialist in offshore geohazard assessment and our team have significant track record in working in the oil and gas, renewables and cable sectors.

Peak Processing offer a full package of processing, interpretation, reporting and presentation of offshore survey datasets.

Seismic Processing – Possessing in-depth and broad industry experience, Peak Processing is pleased to offer 2D Quality Control or Final data processing on or offshore. We can mobilise quickly to work either in house or in country of interest and provide highly trained personnel with high performance processing systems. We operate a fleet of high performance processing systems running the latest stable releases of software. Systems are always mobilised with 100% redundancy. Benchmarking and pressure testing ensure the systems are efficient and robust. Systems are transported in custom-made transit cases to provide processing services wherever required.

Peak Processing delivers fully integrated reporting solutions tailored to meet the project objectives and our clients expectations. Taking a holistic approach to a full interpretation of data available (legacy, public domain, 3D, environmental, geotechnical etc) we tailor our assessments and interpretation to highlight risk to the project, and offer suitable mitigation proposals, whether that is for shallow gas classification for drilling to burial concerns for cables or pipelines and anything in between.

The Team

Peak Processing was founded in 2012 as a dedicated Seismic Data Processing Centre and led by Tony Bateson, an industry renowned and respected seismic data processor, specialising in high resolution seismic data.


We are currently not recruiting, but still accepting CV’s for filing and consideration for future vacancies.